Monday, July 11, 2011

What NOT to wear

As many of you know, I started my new job today as a Team Leader at the largest bank in the world.  I'm looking around at all of my new co-workers; some of them were wearing suits, nice dresses, slacks, nice shoes....dressed to the 9

We all had to be there at 10am CST to start orientation.  One of the department managers came out and started counted heads and she says, "Alright everyone!  We'll go to the meeting room and get started with our day.  We're going to cover a lot of things today, and those of you that are leads start introducing yourselves to the reps.

Then it happened........

This woman walked in wear a low-cut top showing off her girls, apple bottom jeans, and flip-flops.

Needless to say my mouth dropped.  She signed in with security and was given her badge by the manager that was out there.  We took off to the training gum and started our day.  We had speakers, ice-breakers.....then, we had someone come in and talk about dress code.  LOL

Gwen came into the room.  A tall, professionally dressed black woman who's one of the managers of training and developed started going through her slide show.  She said a few words and went over slides with us asking; what is right about this picture, and what is WRONG about this picture and we all participated.

Then she looked at TaNae (the girl wearing the apple bottom jeans and flip-flops) and says....

"Boo....No!  Not in my call center!  You're gonna have to go home and change."

(TaNae smacks her lips and says)

"Um, but I live all da way out in Aurora"

(Gwen replies)

"I guess you're gonna have a 40 min drive home!"

Now, it was SO intense in the room I didn't DARE take out my camera phone.  However this is something VERY similar to what she had on:

<bigasseyeroll>   LOL


  1. wow! That would happen on your first day. No matter where you go, the lip smackers follow!

  2. Lmaoo @ no boots with the fur... now why would you dare to even wear jeans on ur first day and you don't know the damn dress code... laws please come and arrest this girl!!!!