Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Clash of the Carts

The Clash of the carts

Some of you may know this story, for those of you that DON'T; Here ya go. First of all, SO sorry that I haven't blogged since the year of the rat, but life happens.

Anyhoo, I'm in the Meijer produce section getting our produce for the next couple days. I had a small shipping cart, and I accidentally bumped this woman's shopping cart.

"I'm sorry MA'AM"

"Do I LOOK Like a ma'am to you??"

I replied, "well you definatly don't look like a sir." (Trying to take advantage of the opportunity to be sarcastic)

Well, then a scene followed: She began dropping "F" bombs and the such and children.

I end the conversation with: "Well, you MAY not be a MA'AM, but you're DEFINATLY NOT a Lady."


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bobby has potential to be the "King of the Hill"

Today, day two at the new job we did ice-breakers.  Everyone stood up, gave their new position in the company, and three facts about themselves.  We all went around the room then finally we get to "Johnny" but he tells us his nickname is bobby.  I cock my head to the side very confused, then he explained it's because he looks like Bobby Hill from the show "King of the Hill"  Bobby also explained that he is a sophomore in college and he's studying to be a minister.

Later in the day we split up into smaller groups and did some team building excercises, and Bobby was on my team.  I was speaking about something (I really don't remember what it was) he listened respectfully, then made his suggestions as did the rest of the group.

We all went to lunch at about 2pm CST.  I was sitting at a table by myself.  Bobby came up and asked if he could join me, as well as a few other people.  We were lauging and joking about some stuff.  Bobby looks at the ring on my left hand ring finger and asks How long have I been married?  I said, well I have a domestic partner.  He replies...."You didn't answer my question, how long have you been married?"  I smiled and said 10 years.  Bobby replies, that's awesome.  He shared with us that he had a cousin that was gay, and he went to PFLAG meeting to educated himself because he loved his little cousin, and in college he met other gay men and women. 

What it comes down to is that Bobby said he has his faith, he's not judging anyone.  He says that when he becomes a pastor he will teach love, and acceptance.

Good for you Bobby!!

no <bigasseyeroll> today

Monday, July 11, 2011

What NOT to wear

As many of you know, I started my new job today as a Team Leader at the largest bank in the world.  I'm looking around at all of my new co-workers; some of them were wearing suits, nice dresses, slacks, nice shoes....dressed to the 9

We all had to be there at 10am CST to start orientation.  One of the department managers came out and started counted heads and she says, "Alright everyone!  We'll go to the meeting room and get started with our day.  We're going to cover a lot of things today, and those of you that are leads start introducing yourselves to the reps.

Then it happened........

This woman walked in wear a low-cut top showing off her girls, apple bottom jeans, and flip-flops.

Needless to say my mouth dropped.  She signed in with security and was given her badge by the manager that was out there.  We took off to the training gum and started our day.  We had speakers, ice-breakers.....then, we had someone come in and talk about dress code.  LOL

Gwen came into the room.  A tall, professionally dressed black woman who's one of the managers of training and developed started going through her slide show.  She said a few words and went over slides with us asking; what is right about this picture, and what is WRONG about this picture and we all participated.

Then she looked at TaNae (the girl wearing the apple bottom jeans and flip-flops) and says....

"Boo....No!  Not in my call center!  You're gonna have to go home and change."

(TaNae smacks her lips and says)

"Um, but I live all da way out in Aurora"

(Gwen replies)

"I guess you're gonna have a 40 min drive home!"

Now, it was SO intense in the room I didn't DARE take out my camera phone.  However this is something VERY similar to what she had on:

<bigasseyeroll>   LOL

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ghetto Name of the day and "High riding"

I haven't posted a ghetto name of the day in quite but here we go:

Ashinquashay  Pronounced "A-SHINK-A-SHAY

Now, here just a funny name of the day

Phill McKracken

So, in this picture below, are they "Ridin Dirty" or "Big pimpin Spending G's"?


Saturday, July 9, 2011

The case of the black China Doll

Ok.  I was out and about today and gathered PLENTY of material; however, I'm saving it all of it.  My old co-worker sent me this link and THIS trumps EVERYTHING I saw today.  Who told these hoochies they were cute before they left the house??


Friday, July 8, 2011

The case of the "Fake louis vuitton"

Ugh....  Some people have more money than common sense.  I walked out to the work parking lot and saw THIS:

*Big Ass Eye Roll*