Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bobby has potential to be the "King of the Hill"

Today, day two at the new job we did ice-breakers.  Everyone stood up, gave their new position in the company, and three facts about themselves.  We all went around the room then finally we get to "Johnny" but he tells us his nickname is bobby.  I cock my head to the side very confused, then he explained it's because he looks like Bobby Hill from the show "King of the Hill"  Bobby also explained that he is a sophomore in college and he's studying to be a minister.

Later in the day we split up into smaller groups and did some team building excercises, and Bobby was on my team.  I was speaking about something (I really don't remember what it was) he listened respectfully, then made his suggestions as did the rest of the group.

We all went to lunch at about 2pm CST.  I was sitting at a table by myself.  Bobby came up and asked if he could join me, as well as a few other people.  We were lauging and joking about some stuff.  Bobby looks at the ring on my left hand ring finger and asks How long have I been married?  I said, well I have a domestic partner.  He replies...."You didn't answer my question, how long have you been married?"  I smiled and said 10 years.  Bobby replies, that's awesome.  He shared with us that he had a cousin that was gay, and he went to PFLAG meeting to educated himself because he loved his little cousin, and in college he met other gay men and women. 

What it comes down to is that Bobby said he has his faith, he's not judging anyone.  He says that when he becomes a pastor he will teach love, and acceptance.

Good for you Bobby!!

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